Quesadillas with beans and cheddar - Frederikke Wærens
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Quesadillas with beans and cheddar

Quesadillas are two Mexican tortillas sandwiching a delicious filling and then either fried in a pan or warmed in an oven. These are vegetarian quesadillas with beans, bell peppers and cheddar. They taste really good and are so easy to make. You can also fill them with different meats, vegetables and cheese. They even taste great with just cheese. Serve quesadillas as a snack along with homemade guacamole, creme fraiche or tomato salsa.  Enjoy!

Quesadillas with beans and cheddar

Recipe for 4-6 persons
Prep 10 mins
Cook 10 mins
Total 20 mins


Quesadillas with beans and cheddar


Quesadillas with beans and cheddar

Heat a pan with olive oil. Fry the bell peppers and black beans. Add the fajita spices and mix well. Pour the filling into a bowl and clean the pan so it’s completely dry.

Place a tortilla on the dry pan. Sprinkle with cheddar cheese and add the filling. Place another tortilla on top and fry the quesadillas on both sides until the tortillas are golden and crispy. Continue until you have 4 quesadillas in total. Cut each of the quesadillas into 4 triangles and serve them immediately. Enjoy!



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