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Danish vanilla cookies

Happy December 23rd. My absolute favorite Christmas cookies are Danish vanilla cookies. I love them. And vanilla and chocolate are, of course, some of my favorite ingredients. You’ve been asking for a vanilla cookie recipe, where the cookies can be piped with a piping bag and that won’t expand too much in the oven—here you go!

This recipe is very easy to pipe. I actually piped 3 different sized vanilla cookies, using 3 different nozzles. The big ones I made with this nozzle (*advertising link), the medium ones I made with this nozzle (*advertising link) and for the smallest I used this nozzle (*advertising link). You can make whatever size you want, but remember to adjust the baking time (7-8 min. to 11-13 min.). This portion of vanilla cookie dough will make about 18 large, 20 medium or 45 small cookies.

If you would like to bake other cookies, try my easy pebernødderginger snaps with lemon or gingerbread figures. Enjoy!

Danish vanilla cookies

Prep 15 mins


Danish vanilla cookies


Danish vanilla cookies

Banch the almonds and pinch off the skins. Scrape the vanilla beans out of the vanilla pod and mix them with a bit of the sugar. Chop the vanilla pod into small pieces. Put the almonds, the homemade vanilla sugar and the chopped vanilla pod into a food chopper and chop until fine. Mix the flour and corn flour together in a food processor. Add the butter and process at speed until the butter is crumbled into the flour. Add the sugar and almond-vanilla mixture and mix together. Beat an egg into the dough and quickly assemble the dough until even. It is a soft dough, so it can be easily piped.

Heat the oven to 200 C convection.

Put 1/3 of the dough into a piping bag with a star nozzle (depending on how large you want your vanilla cookies). Line a baking tray with baking paper and pipe the dough out in circles. Leave some space between the vanilla cookies as they expand slightly while baking. Repeat until you’ve used all the dough. Bake the vanilla cookies for 10-13 minutes until slightly golden and crispy. (The baking time depends on the size of your cookies.)


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