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Snickers Balls – a healthy snack


Snickers Balls… a perfect little healthy snack. They are so easy and fast to make. Try the recipe here:

Snickers Balls - a healthy snack


Snickers Balls (approx. 15 balls):


Snickers Balls:

Blend dates to a uniform mass in a foodprocessor. Blend peanuts and peanutbutter together with the date mass. Put the mass in the fridge while melting the chocolate. Roll the mass into uniform balls and dip them in the chocolate. Put them in the fridge until serving. Bon appetite!


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  1. Oh jeg elsker jo alt med dadler men har nu brændt to kitchenaid-blendere sammen ? Hvilken blender/foodprocessor kan du anbefale? ☺️ lækre opskrifter i øvrigt!

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