Chocolate tart with salted caramel! - Frederikke Wærens
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Chocolate tart with salted caramel!

Chocolate tart with salted caramel


Chocolate shortcrust:
Caramel sauce:
Chocolate Ganache:


Chocolate shortcrust:

Stir butter, egg, half of wheat flour, flour, cocoa powder, almond flour, vanilla and salt together. Pour the remaining flour into and collect the dough quickly. Bring some household film around the dough and cool for 1 hour. Then roll the dough and put it in a greased tart shape (8×40 cm). For the pie to have a nice edge, take a cake roll and roll over the edge of the pie shape. Push the dough well against the edges. Place the tart in the freezer for 20 minutes and then bake the pie for approx. 20 minutes in the middle of the oven at 190 ° C until it becomes easily golden in the edges. Let the pie cool off.

Salt Caramel:

Bring cream, cane sugar, syrup and salt into a thickened pot and cook it at medium heat. Stir in the pan for approx. 10 minutes until the mass gets thicker. Pour the caramel onto the chilled tart and cook the cake while you are making the ganache.

Chocolate Ganache:

Pour the cream into a pan and heat it to the boiling point. Chop the chocolate and place it in a bowl. Pour the cream over the chocolate and turn it round until the chocolate is melted and the mass becomes thick. Pour the ganache over the tart. Put the cake on the fridge again for at least 4 hours or overnight. Loosen the tart from the mold, decorate with flour salt and wood sorrel. Serve the cake in small delicate pieces. Bon appetite!



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