Raspberry cake with pistachio
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Raspberry cake with pistachio

Raspberry cake with pistachio – Recipe for sponge cake with pistachio cream, marzipan, raspberries, tosca filling and lemon curd cream. This cake is incredibly delicious and really tasty. The cake consists of a mazarin cake base, where there is also an added pistachio cream, which is just pistachio kernels that are blended into a cream or nut butter. On top of the cake are raspberries and a sticky and crunchy layer of tosca filling. The cake is served with a lemon curd cream, which is mascarpone and whipped cream that is whipped together and added to the lemon curd. I use lemon curd from this recipe, but you can also buy lemon curd in larger supermarkets.

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Raspberry cake with pistachio

Recipe for 10-12 persons
Prep 30 mins
Cook 40 mins
Total +1 hr


Raspberry cake with pistachio
Tosca filling
Lemon curd cream


Raspberry cake with pistachio

Turn on the oven at 175 C fan.

Blend the pistachio kernels into a pistachio cream. It takes approx. 5 minutes

Beat the butter, sugar, vanilla sugar and marzipan until light and fluffy. Beat an egg in the entrance. Add pistachio cream. Add creme fraiche. Sift the flour into the batter and beat again.

Put the dough in a 24 cm form lined with baking paper.

Toss raspberries with wheat flour and sprinkle the raspberries on top of the dough.

Tosca filling

Put all the ingredients in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil, stirring, until it bubbles slightly and the sugar has dissolved. It should look like a light caramel.

Pour the tosca filling on top of the raspberries.

Bake the cake for approx. 40 minutes The cake should be slightly soft in the middle. Let the cake cool.

Lemon curd cream

Place the lemon curd in the freezer for 30 minutes. Beat the mascarpone and whipping cream to a light foam. Add lemon curd and whip to a firm cream. Store the cream in the fridge until use.

Serve the cake with lemon curd cream. Bon appetite!


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