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Chocolate chip cookies

Nothing strikes the smell and the taste of a freshly baked cookie. Crispy and chewy and with lots of chocolate. Even in this Danish summer heat you can always eat a lukewarm cookie with a glass of ice cold milk. Here I have baked huge cookies, but you can easily bake them in plain biscuits size, but then they just have to bake in a little short time. No matter what size you bake, there must be plenty of space between the dough balls on the baking tray as they flow out. Enjoy!

Chocolate chip cookies


Chocolate chip cookies (approx. 22 big cookies):


Chocolate chip cookies:

Whip butter, sugar, brown sugar and vanilla until it becomes light and airy. Add eggs and whip again. Mix flour, baking powder and salt together in a bowl and stir in the dough. Finally add chocolate drops. Make approx. 22 equal balls of dough, eg. with an icecream. Put the dough balls in the freezer for 1 hour. Turn on the oven at 175 ° C, put the dough balls on a baking sheet with baking paper – they should not be too close as they flow out. I left about 6 cookies on the baking plate. Bake the cookies for approx. 18 minutes until they are crispy and golden. Let them cool off a little and serve them warm and crispy. Bon appetite!

Tip: You can save some chocolate drops and sprinkle on top of each cookie, just when they have come out of the oven. If there is too much dough you can easily freeze the dough for a long time and pick it up when you become the cookie-hungry.



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