Fredagshygge: Brownie kugler med nutella og kiks
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Friday’s hygge: Brownie pops with Nutella and biscuits

It’s Friday again, which means it’s time for Friday’s hygge! Today I’m making brownie balls with Nutella and biscuits dipped in dark chocolate. It’s almost like making a rum ball, just a more luxurious version, and there’s no rum in it. I decorated the balls with gold dust but you can decorate them with, e.g., freeze-dried raspberries, desiccated coconut or chopped hazelnuts. You could also dip them in milk chocolate or white chocolate, if you don’t like dark chocolate. Happy Firday and enjoy!

Dessert for 10-12 persons
Preperation 1 t. / Cooking 30 min. / Total 1 t. 30 min.

Brownie pops

150 g butter

3 eggs

200 g sugar

100 g all-purpose flour

1 tsp. vanilla sugar

1 tsp. baking powder

3 tbsp. cacao powder


150 g digestive biscuits, finely chopped

50 g raspberry jelly

100 g Nutella

200 g dark chocolate

Gold dust or other cake decoration


Brownie pops

Melt the butter and allow it to cool slightly. Whisk the sugar and eggs until light and airy. Mix the dry ingredients together and gently stir them into the batter. Add the melted butter. Pour the batter into a baking dish (21 × 21 cm), lined with baking paper and bake the cake in the oven at 175 ° C for 30-35 minutes. Let the cake cool completely.

Break out the brownie into pieces and put them in a bowl with the finely chopped biscuits, raspberry jelly and Nutella. Mix it all together into an even and combined batter. Roll about 22 evenly sized balls and refrigerate them while melting the chocolate in a double boiler. Dip each brownie ball into the dark chocolate and sprinkle with, e.g., freeze-dried raspberries, gold dust, desiccated coconut or chopped hazelnuts. Refrigerate the balls until you’re going to eat them. Enjoy!

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