Chocolate layer cake with salted caramel and popcorn! - Frederikke Wærens
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Chocolate layer cake with salted caramel and popcorn!

Chocolate layer cake with salted caramel and popcorn


 3 airy chocolate cakes:
Chocolate Butter Cream:
Salted caramel sauce:


 3 airy chocolate cakes:

Whip egg and sugar light and airy. Then add the melted butter. Mix the dry ingredients together and turn them into the dough while you alternately add milk. Distribute the dough into 3 spring shapes (23 cm in diameter) coated with baking paper and sprinkled with cocoa powder in the bottom. Bake the cakes for approx. 25 minutes at 180 ° C. Allow them to cool completely.

Chocolate Butter Cream:

Melt the chocolate in a saucepan and let it cool a little. Meanwhile whisk soft butter with whipped cream and vanilla sugar until it is light and airy. Pour the chocolate and whip until it gets a creamy and airy mass. Put the cream on the fridge until it is used.

Salted caramel sauce:

Boil cream, flour and syrup slowly while stirring. Continue stirring until it gets thicker. Let it boil a bit. Add butter and salt and stir until it becomes smooth and thick in consistency. Pour the caramel into an airtight container and cool it to cool and thicken.

How to collect the cake:

Choose the dish you want to serve the cake on and start to free the layer cakes from the molds. Put the first cake on the dish and add a good layer of chocolate butter cream on. Repeat until you have the last cream. Mix popcorn with some of the caramel and place them on top of the cake. Pour a little caramel over so it runs down the sides. Save the rest of the caramel for topping on, for example. icecream or oatmeal. If the cake is not served immediately, then put it in the fridge, so the butter cream does not melt. Bon appetite!


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  1. Tak for svar.
    Et sidste spørgsmål ? Hvis man nu ikke har tre springforme, ved du så om man kan lave dem bare på bageplade uden form eller har du andre gode ideer?
    Hilsen Malene

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