Daim is på 3 ingredienser - opskrift på den bedste Daim is uden ismaskine
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3-ingredient Daim ice cream

No ice-cream machine needed! And you can add crushed Oreos, fresh berries, lemon curd or other delicious extras to the ice cream.

You can read my post about the difference between condensed milk and dulce de leche here, including where to buy it.

Is for 8-10 persons
Preperation 10 min. / Cooking +12 t. / Total + 12 t.

3-ingredient Daim ice cream

1 L cream

1.5 397 g tins condensed milk

250 Daim, roughly chopped


3-ingredient Daim ice cream

Put the cream and condensed milk in a bowl. Whisk together to a light foam. Fold in the chopped Daim and pour the ice cream into a loaf tin lined with baking paper. Place the tin in the freezer, preferably overnight. Take out the ice cream about 10 minutes before serving. Either serve the ice cream in scoops or slices. Enjoy!

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