Saltkaramel is - Opskrift på cremet is med saltkaramel med kun 3 ingredienser
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Salted caramel ice cream

Salted caramel ice cream – a recipe for the creamiest ice cream with salted caramel using only 3 ingredients.

No ice cream machine needed!

Is for 6-8 persons
Preperation 10 min. / Cooking + 6 t. / Total +6 t.

Salted caramel ice cream

1 L cream

1 tin condensed milk

1 tin dulce de leche mixed with 1 tsp. sea salt


Salted caramel ice cream

Whisk the cream and condensed milk together into a lightly whipped cream. Line a form with baking paper (or put the ice cream in a container). Spread half of the ice cream in the mold and spread the dulce de leche on top. Make another layer and place the ice cream in the freezer for 4-6 hours. Enjoy!

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