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No bake chocolate tart with ganache and berries

Delicious crispy cocoa biscuits tart crust. Silky smooth milk chocolate ganache. Fresh sweet and sour berries. Can you imagine it? The combination is so heavenly that I had to create two of these tarts and decorate them in each beautiful color scale. You can choose your own color scale. Here is the recipe:


No bake chocolate tart with ganache and berries


Recipe for 1 tart Cocoa biscuits tart crust:


Cocoa biscuits tart crust:

Chop the almonds. Add the biscuits and the chopped almonds in a food processor and chop so it’s perfectly painted. Add cornflakes and cocoa powder and chop again. Melt the butter and mix well with the biscuits until it becomes a uniform mass. Pour the biscuits into an oblong tart with loose bottom, my shape is approx. 8 × 40 cm. Press the mass well into the bottom and top of the edges and put the mold in the fridge while you are making the ganache.


Pour the cream into a pan and heat it to the boiling point. Chop the chocolate and place it in a bowl. Pour the cream over the chocolate and turn it around until the chocolate is melted and the mass becomes thick. Pour the ganache in addition to the tart. Put the tart on the fridge for about 4 hours.

Decorate with berries and flowers. Loosen the tart from the mold and cut it into small pieces and serve. Bon appetite!



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