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Chocolate cream pie

Chocolate cream pie is an intense chocolate pie consisting of a crispy cocoa biscuit base and a soft firm chocolate cream filling topped with lightly whipped cream and chopped chocolate. This pie tastes wonderful and is a perfect cake to serve for chocolate lovers. The pie should preferably be made a day in advance, as the chocolate cream takes hours to set. The biscuit base is made with Marie biscuits and cocoa, but you could easily use Oreos instead. The chocolate cream is a cooked chocolate cream that becomes so delicious and velvety once it has cooled. Serve the pie with fresh sweet berries. Enjoy!

Chocolate cream pie

Recipe for 10-12 persons
Prep 1 hr 30 mins
Cook +12 hrs
Total +12 hrs


Biscuit base
Chocolate filling


Biscuit base

Heat the oven to 175 C convection.

Finely process the biscuits with cocoa and salt in a mini chopper/food processor. Add the melted butter and mix well. Spread the biscuit mixture in a pie mold 24 cm in diameter and press it firmly into the bottom and up the sides of the mold. Bake the biscuit bade for about 15 minutes in the center of the oven. Then let it cool.

Chocolate filling

In a small bowl, mix the sugar, corn starch, cocoa, vanilla powder and salt. Add the milk, cream and egg yolks to a saucepan and whisk lightly. Add the contents from the bowl to the pan and whisk well. Heat the mixture on a medium heat as you continue to whisk. It will take 6-8 minutes before the mixture begins to thicken. Let it just come up to the boil and then take it off the heat. Then whisk the chocolate and butter in the hot mixture and stir it until melted. Allow it to cool slightly and then pour it onto the biscuit base. Refrigerate the pie for at least 8 hours, and preferably overnight.

Just before serving: Take the cake out of the fridge 10 minutes before serving and garnish with whipped cream and chopped chocolate. Serve the cake immediately. Enjoy!


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