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Homemade Kinder Maxi Bars

These chocolates use white chocolate, coconut oil and condensed milk. You can replace the coconut oil with butter if you don’t have coconut oil.

Chokolader for 6-8 persons
Preperation 15 min. / Cooking 1 t. 30 min. / Total 2 t.

Homemade Kinder Maxi Bars (makes about 20 bars)

200 g white chocolate

75 g coconut oil (with a neutral taste) or butter

150 g condensed milk


250 g milk chocolate for coating


Homemade Kinder Maxi Bars

Put the white chocolate, coconut oil and condensed milk in a baine marie. Stir it all together until even. Pour the mixture into a 21 × 21 cm mold lined with cling film. Refrigerate until the mixture is firm.

Then melt the milk chocolate in a baine marie.

Cut the white chocolate filling into rectangles (about 20 bars). Dip each bar into the milk chocolate and set the chocolates in the fridge until they have set. Enjoy!

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