Ginger snaps with lemon - The best recipe for crispy ginger snaps with lemon
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Ginger snaps with lemon

I’ve snuck an extra little Christmas recipe into the blog today: a recipe for crispy ginger snaps with the great taste of ginger and lemon. The cookies are really easy to make. The dough doesn’t need to be refridergated—just like with many other Christmas cookies. These cookies are relatively new in our family—we baked them last year too and we all thought they were delicious! I made big cookies, but they can easily be made smaller. Just give them less time in the oven. Store the cookies in a cookie tin. They’ll keep well there. But it’s important that the cookies aren’t too soft, as then they won’t last very long. Enjoy!

Småkager for 10 persons
Preperation 10 min. / Cooking 20 min. / Total 30 min.

Ginger snaps (makes 28 large or 56 small)

250 g all-purpose flour

125 g butter

225 g cane sugar

1 tbsp. ground ginger

1 tsp. finely grated ginger

1 tsp. finely grated lemon zest

1 tsp. ground cloves

1 pinch salt

1/2 tsp. baking soda

1 egg


Ginger snaps

Rub the flour and butter together until it resembles bread crumbs. Add the cane sugar, ground ginger, fresh ginger, lemon zest, cloves, salt and baking soda and mix it together. Add the egg and quickly form the dough with your hands.

Heat the oven to 200 C convection.

Divide the dough in 2 and roll each one into a thick sausage. Cut the dough sausages into 28 pieces about 2 × 2 cm and then roll them into balls. Line a baking sheet with baking paper, place the balls on and press them slightly flat. Make sure there’s space between each cookie. Bake the cookies for 16-20 minutes (depending on how big the cookies are) until they become golden and crispy and not too soft. Keep an eye on them though: ovens are different—yours might need more or less. Eat the cookies right away or store them in a cookie jar in a dry place. Enjoy!

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