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Feta dip with olives

Feta dip with olives is probably one of my favorite dips. This dip is so quick and easy to make and you only need a few ingredients: only olives, feta and Greek yogurt. Though the dip is seasoned with lemon juice and pepper. I like to serve dip with vegetable sticks, toast or chips. Feta dip is also perfect for tapas or as a “spread” in a sandwich. If you aren’t into olives, replace them with, e.g., fresh herbs. Enjoy!

Fetadip med oliven

Tilbehør for 6-8 persons
Preperation 5 min. / Cooking 5 min. / Total 10 min.

Feta dip with olives

1 jar black stonefree olives

200 g Greek yoghurt, 10 %

200 g feta cheese

Lemon juice and pepper to season


Feta dip with olives

Blend all the ingredients together in an even dip. Pour the dip into a bowl and refrigerate until you’re ready to serve.

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