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Creamy One Pot Pasta

I love creamy pasta dishes. It’s so easy to make especially if it’s One Pot Pasta, where you add all the ingrediens to the same pan. So delicious! Try my recipe here:


One Pot Pasta (for 4 people):

400 g pasta

200 grams of bacon (possibly smoked bacon, cut into cubes)

150 g of mushrooms

150 g fresh sherry tomatoes

1 large onion

2 cloves of garlic

1 handful of fresh basil leaves

6-7 twitch fresh thyme

1.5 dl heavy cream

6 dl vegetable broth



Basil leaves and fresh mozzarella balls for decoration


Roast bacon crispy on a pan. Rinse and cut mushrooms and tomatoes, chop onion and garlic finely. Bring all the ingredients into a pan and cover with cream and vegetable broth dissolved in boiling water. Cook the pasta and stir well. Let the dish boil a bit for approx. 10 minutes or until the paste is tender. Serve immediately with fresh mozzarella and basil. Bon appetite!

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