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Coffee slices with hazelnut praliné and dark chocolate ganache

Today I have had a really productive saturday. I have cleaned the kitchen and sorted out my cake decorating- and baking equipment. But no saturday is complete without baking so today I made these amazing coffee bites with hazelnut praline and dark chocolate ganache. The lowest layer is a gluten free chocolate cake where I have added a bit of almond flour to give it a bit more crunch but you don’t have to add this. You can advantageously make these the day before serving, it only makes them better. Good luck!


Recipe for approx. 16 bites

Coffee chocolate layer:

200 g butter

225 g dark chocolate eg. Callebaut 57,7%

2 tblsp. strong coffee (espresso)

200 g sugar

5 eggs

50 g almond flour (50 g almonds blended until flour)

Hazelnut praline:

180 g hazelnut, roasted

180 g sugar

350 g milk chocolate eg. Callebaut 33%

3 dl heavy cream

Chocolate ganache:

250 g dark chocolate

40 g butter


Cocoa Powder

Wood sorrel


Coffee chocolate layer:

Melt butter and chocolate in a bowl on top of a water bath. Add the coffee. Take the bowl of the heat and whip in the sugar. Whip the eggs together in another bowl and mix it afterwards with the dough. fold in the almond flour and pour the dough into a small baking pan (approx. 25×30) with baking paper. Set the oven to 175 C or 347F and let the cake bake for about 20 min.. Take it out of the oven and let it cool.

Hazelnut praline:

Roast the hazelnuts on a hot dry pan until golden. Chop them roughly and put them aside. Melt the sugar on a pan, don’t stir it to much! When the sugar is completely dissolved (it takes some time so be patient) and it has become golden caramel, fold in the chopped hazelnuts. Pour the mass over a piece of baking paper and let it cool completely down. Chop the cooled down caramelized hazelnuts a bit and put them into a mini chopper and chop them completely. FInely chop the milk chocolate and put it in a bowl. Heat up the heavy cream and pour it over the finely chopped chocolate while you stir the chocolate until it is gathered and shiny. Add in the hazelnut praline and mix it well. Distribute the chocolate and hazelnut praline onto the chocolate layer and put it into the fridge.

Chocolate ganache:

Chop the chocolate and put it into a bowl. Heat up the heavy cream in a small pot make sure it doesn’t boil! Pour the hot heavy cream over the chocolate and let it bee for 5 minutes and then start stirring. Stir in the middle of thee bowl until it is gathered. Pour the ganache on top of the praline and put it back into the fridge for minimum 6 hours preferably over the night.


Cut out the cake into appropriate slices with a sharp hot knife. Sprinkle over some cocoa powder and put on some wood sorrel. Bon appetit.

Bedøm denne ret

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