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New Years cake with champagne, elderflower og strawberry

Merry Christmas. I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas. The Christmas break is going way to fast and now it’s soon New Year’s Eve. In connection to that, I have been in the kitchen and baked, probably the wildest cake of my life, a New Year’s Cake with airy bottoms, champagne and elderflower mousse and strawberry mousse. And to make it extra festive, there are sparklers on the top. It’s a huge tall cake and there are more than enough for many people. So consider just before baking the cake if you may need to halve the recipe. With the wish for a happy and happy New Year! Here is the recipe:

New Years cake with champagne, elderflower og strawberry


Layer cake bottoms:

9 eggs

375 g of sugar

3 tablespoons of water

150 g flour

150 g of potato flour

1 ½ teaspoon of baking soda

Champagne mousse with elderflower:

1 l heavy cream

4 dl champagne (I have just used Asti)

1 dl elderflower cordial

10 sheets of gelatine

Strawberry Mousse:

300 g strawberries, frozen

1 tbsp. water

50 g sugar

1 vanilla pole

3 sheets of gelatine

2 dl. heavy cream

Swiss meringue buttercream:

5 fits. whites

450 g butter, room temp. (very important)

220 g sugar

The grains of 1 vanilla pole




Layer cake bottoms:

Turn on the oven at 205 degrees hot air. Make 3 spring moulds (20 cm in diameter) ready coated with baking paper at the bottom and lubricated with butter up the sides. Now whip the eggs until they are airy. Add the sugar a little at a time. Whip to the mass becomes light and airy. Pour the water in. Sieve flour, potato flour and baking soda into the egg yolks and turn well with a dough scraper. Distribute the dough in the 3 spring moulds and bake for approx. 25 minutes. They rise a lot, but when you take them out of the oven they fall back together. Allow them to cool completely.

Champagne mousse with elderflower:

Soak the gelatine in cold water. Warm the champagne and elderflower cordial into a small saucepan. Just let it boil a bit. Press out the water from the gelatine and let it dissolve in the hot champagne and elderflower. Put it in the fridge while whipping the cream. Turn a little whipped cream into the champagne and pour it all over the rest of the cream and turn it around. Pour the mousse into 2 piping bags until it is used.

Strawberry Mousse:

Soaked the gelatine in cold water. Boil strawberries, vanilla, water and sugar in a saucepan. The strawberries must be completely tender. Puree the strawberries with a hand blender. Soak the gelatine in the warm strawberry puree. Cool while you whip the cream to light foam. Turn a little of the whipped cream into the strawberry puree and pour it into the rest of the cream and turn it well. Pour the mousse into 1 piping  bag and cool until it is used.

Swiss meringue buttercream:

Whip egg whites foamy. Add the sugar slightly at a time while whipping. Put the bowl over water bath while still whipping. Whip until the sugar is dissolved and the mixture becomes hot. When the sugar is dissolved (check it by rubbing the mass between two fingers) remove the bowl from the heat. Whip until the mass is completely cold and the bowl is also cold. It takes some time, but if the mass is not cold, the butter melts. When it is completely cold add the butter into small pieces a little while at the same time whipping thoroughly. It will collapse a bit and if it’s different, just have to whip. Stop whipping and turn the vanilla with a scraper. You can also add a few drops of fruit color if you want the buttercream in one color.


To collect the cake:

Free the tie from the cake shapes. Cut them over the middle so you have a total of 6 cake bottoms. Select the dish you want to serve the cake on. Start by putting a cake shape on the middle of the dish. Cover the inside of the spring mould with hard cake plastic. Put another cake shape upstairs. Lay the first bottom into the cake shapes. Sprinkle the champagne mousse around the edge and into a lump in the middle. Now sprinkle the strawberry mousse between the two circles of champagne mousse. Lay the next bottom and press it down, then repeat until you are over the cake. Now put the last cake shape on and clothe again with the plastic. Then put the rest of the bottoms on until you have the last bottom where there is no mousse upstairs. Put the huge tall cake on the fridge overnight so that the mousses can settle. Next day you make Swiss meringue buttercream. Freeze the cake from the molds and the cake. Grease the cake with Swiss meringue buttercream. And now it’s only the imagination that sets limits. Decorate the cake as you like. I have decorated mine with silver in the bottom of the cake and big silver balls on top, as well as sparkler. If you want to put starters on top, keep in mind that the buttercream becomes black wherever they stand, so remove it before the cake is to be eaten. WELCOME AND GOOD NEW YEAR !!

Bedøm denne ret

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