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Crunch tacos

Crunch tacos – a recipe for crispy tacos with cheese and filling. These tacos are called cheesy gordita crunch tacos and are very popular on TikTok and also Instagram.

*It can be a little tricky to find little soft tacos in normal supermarkets. Sometimes they have them in Bilka, but if you can’t find them, use the medium size ones. Just cut them using a bowl or something as a template, to get round tacos of the right size.

Crunch tacos

Recipe for 4-6 persons
Prep 20 mins
Cook 8 mins
Total 28 mins


Crunch tacos


Crunch tacos

Heat the oven to 175 C convection.

Fry the meat in a little olive oil along with the taco seasoning. Fry until the meat is completely cooked through.

Place the soft tacos on a baking sheet lined with baking paper and spread both kinds of cheese over all the tacos. Bake for 8 minutes until the cheese is melted. Take them out of the oven and put a hard taco shell on one side of each of the soft tacos, then fold the soft taco around it. The cheese acts as a glue. Place the tacos on a platter and fill them with the meat and the rest of the filling. Serve immediately. Enjoy!



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