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Chocolate cake and cookie dough balls

These balls are SO good! They are made with chocolate cake dough, cookie dough and coated with chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. Try the recipe here:

Chocolate cake and cookie dough balls


Recipe for 18 balls Chocolate cake: Cookie dough:



Make the chocolate cake one day ahead, so it is comeplety cooled down.

Cookie dough:

Whisk butter, brown sugar, sugar and vanilla sugar togehter. Add milk and flour. Then add salt and chocolate drops. Roll 18 balls of the cookie dough and put them in the fridge for about 1 hour.

Broke the chocolate cake into some pieces and destribute the dough around the cookie dough. Melt the chocolate over a water bath and cover the balls with the chocolate. Sprinkle with salt. Put the balls into the fridge until they are going to be served. Bon appetit!



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