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Chocolate caramels

Happy December 22nd. The best chocolate caramels dipped in dark chocolate are what I have to offer today. If you only make one Christmas treat this year, make these chocolate caramels. They taste divine. I made a large portion of caramel as I wrap some of them up nicely away to gift to friends and family. But you can easily make a smaller portion. I haven’t dipped all the caramels in chocolate. It takes some time to boil the mixture into caramel, but it’s well worth the wait. In the recipe, I wrote that it takes about an hour for the mixture to turn into a thick caramel at 125 C, but it may take you a shorter or longer time—it all depends. Enjoy!

Små søde sager for 10-12 persons
Preperation 1 t. / Cooking + 12 t. / Total + 12 t.

Chocolate caramels (makes about 60)

600 ml cream

600 ml sugar

400 ml simple syrup

4 tbsp. cocoa

2 tbsp. butter

Chocolate coating

300 g dark chocolate


Chocolate caramels

Put the cream, sugar, syrup and cocoa in a large thick-bottomed pan. Cook it on a medium heat until it starts to bubble. It will take about 1 hour before the caramel is ready. Remember to stir the mixture every so often. When the mixture is 125-126 C, it’s finished. It should be thick and bubbly. Stir the butter into the warm caramel and pour it into a 30 × 30 cm mold, lined with baking paper. Leave the caramel on the kitchen counter for 1 hour and then refrigerate it until the caramel has set.

If you would like to coat the caramels with chocolate then melt the chocolate in a double boiler. Cut the caramels into the size you like and dip each caramel into the chocolate. Place the caramel on a cutting board lined with baking paper and refrigerate until the chocolate has solidified. Wrap the caramels in greaseproof paper and store them in the fridge. Enjoy!


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