Fredagshygge: Oreo trøfler - Opskrift på nemme og lækre trøfler med Oreo
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Friday’s hygge: Oreo truffles

Friday’s hygge: Oreo truffles. Friday’s hygge has been on a little break but is back again with the most delicious recipe for easy Oreo truffles. These Oreo truffles consist only of Oreos and neutral cream cheese that is then dipped in chocolate. It couldn’t be easier! They are perfect for serving at Friday’s hygge. Make the truffles a day in advance if you’d like them extra scrumptious. I am a huge fan of things that can be made with very few ingredients and yet still taste delicious. Enjoy!

Små søde sager for 4-6 persons
Preperation 10 min. / Cooking 10 min. / Total 2 t.

Oreo truffles (makes ca. 10)

1.5 packets of Oreos

200 g neutral cream cheese


200 g milk chocolate or dark chocolate

25 g white chocolate

A few extra Oreos, crushed


Oreo truffles

Chop the Oreos until just fine in a mini chopper. Mix the Oreos and cream cheese into a combined mass. Roll the mass into 10 equal truffles and plate the truffles on a cutting board lined with baking paper. Put the truffles in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, melt the two chocolates, separately.

Dip the Oreo truffles into the milk chocolate and then drizzle the white chocolate over them. Sprinkle with crushed Oreos and place them in the fridge until the chocolate has set. Enjoy!

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