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Mixed cakes

Empty the fridge
S'mores kage
S’more’s cake
Banankage med karamelliserede bananer og chokolade
Banana cake with caramelized bananas and chocolate
Græskarkage med chokolade fudge frosting
Pumpkin cake with chocolate fudge frosting
Carrot cake roulade
Cookie blondies med ganache
Cookie blondies with ganache
Cinnamon cake with buttermilk
Marcipankage med hindbærskum
Marzipan cake with raspberry mousse
Banankage i en kop
Banana cake in a cup
Citronkage med birkes og frosting
Lemon cake with poppy seeds and frosting
Bananbrød med havregryn og kardemomme
Banana bread with oatmeal and cardamom
Rhubarb cake with coconut meringue
Banana bread