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Brookies (brownie cookie cake)

Brookies (brownie cookie cake) is truly a wonderful invention! Fudgy brownie, which itself is wildly delicious, baked with cookie dough .. so it doesn’t get any better. I’ve used my fudgy brownie recipe, which has already become one of the blog’s most popular recipes in a very short time. It’s also a really good brownie! The cake is perfect to bake the day before it has to be served so that it can cool down and get fudgy overnight. Enjoy!

Brookies (brownie cookie cake)


Brookies (makes about 20 pieces of cake): Cookie dough layer:


Cookie dough layer:

Beat butter, brown sugar and sugar together until uniform. Then whisk the egg in. Turn the flour, baking powder and 100 g of the chocolate into the dough and leave it on the kitchen table.


Make the brownie dough.

Pour the brownie dough in the cake mold and distribute the cookie dough on the brownie dough. Sprinkle with the remaining chocolate and bake the cake for approx. 35-40 minutes at 185 ° C hot air. Let the cake cool (preferably for the day after) and cut it into square pieces. Bon appetite!


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