Raspberry - Frederikke Wærens


Raspberry cake
Mazarinkage med chokolade og hindbær
Mazarin cake with chocolate and raspberries
Marcipankage med hindbærskum
Marzipan cake with raspberry mousse
Overnight oats med hindbær
Overnight oats with raspberries
Fredagshygge- Milkshake med jordbær og hindbær
Friday’s hygge: Milkshakes with strawberries and raspberries
Cookie crumble med hindbær og jordbær
Cookie crumble with raspberries and strawberries
Chocolate layer cake with crazy chocolate topping
Welcome to my new blog and 3 x brownies with toppings!
Brownie with milk chocolate mousse and Toffifee
Raspberry brownie with milk chocolate mousse!