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Koldhævede kanelsnegle
Cold-raised cinnamon swirls
Fredagshygge- Kanelstang med remonce og creme
Friday’s hygge: Cinnamon braid with filling and custard
Spongy cinnamon cake with coffee frosting
Chocolates with marzipan and cherries
Bounty flødeboller
Bounty cream puffs
Swirls inspired by Swedish St. Lucia buns
Honey cake bombs with chocolate and buttercream
Christmas cupcakes with cherries and cream puff filling
Hjemmelavede æbleskiver med fyld
Homemade filled Danish æbleskiver
Kløben buns
Kanelsnegle med remonce og kagecreme
Cinnamon rolls with vanilla custard
Nemme snaskede kanelsnegle