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Dalgona coffee (iced coffee with coffee foam)

The last few weeks have been crazy! I posted a how-to video of this iced coffee on my Instagram profile a few weeks ago, and the video went viral in only a few days. I was tagged in hundreds of stories a day of people making this delicious coffee. And I’m still being tagged! I saw the coffee on TikTok and had to immediately make it myself. It’s such an easy iced coffee, consisting only of freeze-dried coffee powder (instant coffee), sugar and water, which you whip together for a few minutes until it becomes fluffy and airy. Pour the coffee foam into a glass of ice cubes and milk and stir well. You can also add different flavored syrups or alcohol, e.g., Baileys or Kahlua. I have a lot of iced coffee recipes here on the blog. I love iced coffee so much that I have a whole category dedicated to iced coffee here.

I also got the finest reusable glass straw (advertisement) from IGEN, which is a webshop that sells sustainable products. The straw is perfect for such a lovely iced coffee! Enjoy!


Dalgona coffee (iced coffee with coffee foam)

Recipe for 2-3 persons
Prep 2 mins
Cook 3 mins
Total 5 mins


Dalonga coffee (iced coffee with coffee foam)


Dalonga coffee (iced coffee with coffee foam)

Put the instant coffee, sugar and water in a bowl. Stir well with a spoon. Whisk it with an electric whisk until light and fluffy – it takes 2-3 min.

Put the ice cubes and milk in 2-3 glasses. Pour over the coffee foam and stir it together. Enjoy the iced coffee right away. Enjoy!

Tip: If you would like to make the iced coffee in a sugar-free version, swap the sugar for Sukrin Gold.


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