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Toblerone truffles

These Toblerone truffles are out of this world! They taste like a dream and melt on you tongue. Try the easy recipe here:

Toblerone truffles


Toblerone truffles:

400 g Toblerone ( 2 package)

100 g milk chocolate f.eks. Callebaut

2 dl heavy cream

30 g glucose sirup

A pinch of salt

Cocoa powder




Toblerone truffles:

Melt chocolate and Toblerone over water bath. Bring heavy cream and glucose sirup to the boil in another pan. Pour the heavy cream over the chocolate while stirring in the middle until it becomes a uniform mass. Add the salt. Put the truffle mass into the fridge overnight. Roll the truffles into smallballs and coat them with cocoa powder. Store the truffles in the fridge before eating them so they can set. Bon appetite!

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