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Chocolate cake in a cup

Chocolate cake in a cup

A recipe for a chocolate “cup” cake baked in a cup in the microwave.

Just make sure the cup is microwave safe!

Chokoladekage i en kop

Chokoladekage to 2 persons
Prep 5 mins
Cook 2 mins
Total 7 mins


Chocolate cake (makes 2 cups)


Chocolate cake
Stir all the ingredients into an even batter together in a bowl. Add the chocolate. Divide the batter between 2 microwave safe cups. Bake one cake at a time in a cup in the microwave for 1-1.5 minutes. The cake needs to be soft so don’t let it cook too much. Decorate the cakes with the extra chocolate pieces, ice cream and raspberries. Enjoy!


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